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Our creative crew of designers & developers have made these brands the talk of the town. Let’s have a short overview of our recently completed projects.

My Car

Our client came to us for an Auto Mobil App! He was in need of a user-friendly vehicle management app. With our precise execution, we crafted an intuitive solution for tracking maintenance and expenses. Dr. Jane Hardy, a dedicated healthcare professional, sought a seamless patient management app. Collaborative sessions led to a platform facilitating appointments, medical records, and secure virtual consultations, enhancing patient care delivery.

Dr. Jane Hardy

Dr. Jane Hardy, a dedicated healthcare professional, hired us to develop a seamless patient management app. Collaborative sessions resulted in a platform enabling appointment scheduling, secure virtual consultations, and easy access to medical records. This app revolutionized patient care delivery, providing Dr. Hardy with an efficient tool for managing her practice

Block Nerds

Mr. Stephen wanted to develop a user-friendly online education platform for their students. We had a thorough discussion and came up with a pilot website that he approved without giving it a second thought. After the approval, we finalized a dynamic website with intuitive navigation, engaging UI, and seamless integration of learning modules. The result? A user-friendly hub that enhances the learning experience for students and educators alike.

Discover Look

Discover Look a fashion app came into existence with a mission to ensure a sleek & innovative platform to curate and share style inspirations. We meticulously crafted the Discover Look app, integrating intuitive design and robust features for seamless outfit exploration. The result: a visually stunning, user-centric fashion hub that's making waves in the style community.

Weak Goal

Empowered by their passion for fitness, our client came up with a fitness app idea to revolutionize workout tracking. Collaborating closely, we conceptualized and developed Weak Goal, a cutting-edge fitness companion. It boasts an intuitive UI, personalized training plans, and progress tracking, empowering users to achieve their fitness milestones with precision and motivation.


Lawrex, a prominent legal firm, entrusted us to revamp their online presence. We designed a sleek, professional website that reflects their expertise. With intuitive navigation and comprehensive content, the site now serves as an informative resource for clients seeking legal services and insights.


Togeto is a leading logistic powerhouse in the USA. Their marketing team came to us for a website revamped project. After a thorough analysis of their business, we came up with a robust platform with streamlined navigation, real-time tracking features, and a clean, professional interface. The result? An efficient, client-centric site that elevates Togeto's position in the logistics sector.


The founder of Sleek Furniture Manufacturer (a startup modern furniture retailer) had a vision to revolutionize their customer experience. Understanding their unique needs, we crafted Monstera - a sleek, user-friendly furniture app. We seamlessly integrated product catalogs, personalized recommendations, and a smooth checkout process, and brought them a stunning mobile app that elevated their business.


When our client, a passionate music enthusiast, envisioned a platform that would connect artists and listeners, they turned to us. We conceptualized and developed Moonlight - a dynamic music app. By implementing features like customizable playlists, real-time streaming, and a vibrant user interface, we transformed their idea into a captivating reality. Now it has become a thriving music app that resonated with music lovers worldwide.

Bryson Reed

Bryson Reed is a real estate professional with years of expertise! But needed to become more familiar with digital trends that have transformed real estate marketing. We collaborated with Bryson Reed and redesigned their entire web infrastructure from scratch. Their website now only looks stunning but also makes it easy for visitors to explore. Now, they have a digital presence to wow and drive business, leaving our client thrilled with the outcome.